• This is the setup of my Excalibur, a "warmliner" with V-tail, which is a setup that's a bit older. Some things I do a little bit different now (check my¬†Kinetic), but it doesn't mean it's per se better or worse.

    It features of course the basic stuff like a proper translation of the sticks to the deflectors. It uses the momentary switch to unlock the throttle and when it is unlocked that same switch is used to activate/de-activate the spoilers. In the Excalibur's cockpit there's not much room, but on top of the battery I can have the FLVSS LiPo sensor which gives me info about the individual cells and reports the lowest one of these.

    Mike Shellim's calibration is also added. Nowadays I don't use it anymore like that. I just quickly program them on the radio and delete those afterward which keeps the setup clean.

  • Horus X12S download: Previous versions Excalibur.otx 1.37 Kb 2556
    Filename Version File size Changes
    Excalibur.otx 1.1 1.37 Kb After an OpenTX upgrade The SF "reset telemetry" keeps resetting while L15 is true. This wasn't always this way.
    I noticed this when I took my Excalibur out again with the FLVSS-sensor.

    1.0 should not be used anymore.
    Excalibur.otx 1.0 1.38 Kb remove "L15 reset telemetry"
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.2,2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Horus X10(S),Horus X12
  • License: GPL
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