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Widgets are organised on the radio by sub-folders in the /WIDGETS folder. The name of the sub-folder is irrelevant, but must be less then 8 characters. If the folder name is longer, the widget will work, but the settings won't get stored permanently.

Within the sub-folder, OpenTX expects a lua script named 'main.lua'.

In order to minimise the chance of conflicts with people posting Widgets with the same sub-folder name, widgets are preferable uploaded by only uploading the 'main.lua'. It is up to the user to create a subfolder in the /WIDGETS folder, and put the download Widget-script in there.

Only if more then one file is neccesary to make the Widget work, is it adviced to upload a zipfile. In that case, it is prefered to have all content from WITHIN the subfolder zipped in a zipfile with any name. In this way, the file can be unzipped by using the 'unzip here' command in windows, creating a subfolder with the proper content that can in it's entirety be copied to the /WIDGETS folder on the SD-card, and renamed if neccesary.