Model backups are the preferred way to post the models you want to share in this repository.

For the Taranis type radios, you can find an explanation on how to create and restore a model here.

For the Horus type radios, it is somewhat more difficult, since OpenTX doesn't support the backup process on the radio itself.

To 'create' a backup on a Horus radio, you first have to determine which file is containing your model. In the Horus model selection screen, select the model which you want to backup. In the lower left corner, a filename is now shown, ending with .bin. Connect your transmitter to a computer, and locate that file in the "Models" directory on your SD-card. Copy that file and give it a useful name (preferably not more then 8 characters befor the .bin).

That is your backup, and the file that you should share as a model backup file on this repository.

To restore a model backup posted on this site, you should follow the reverse procedure. Create a model on your transmitter, and give it the name you want, preferable the name of the backup file you are about to install, but not neccesarily. Then, note the name of the .bin file as it is mentioned on the left bottom part of the model selection screen. Now, last step, connect your transmitter to the computer, and copy the backup model that you want to restore to the "models" folder on the SD-card on the transmitter. Then, delete the .bin file that you noted was mentioned in the model selection screen, and make a copy of the backup file you want to restore, and rename that to the name of the .bin you just deleted.

Model backups need to be of the .BIN format.