TD E-Glider

  • I've been working on this template for a while. It lets me do everything I want and seems to have no ugly surprises. It uses several ideas and principles from Mike Shellim's ESoar, and a couple of ideas from David Beach. A few of the features:
    1. Motor on the left slider, with SA as a safety switch. Motor arming is announced. When the motor is armed, pull SH to set a 10 minute flight timer. Short pull for F5J, long pull for ALES. Both timers remind you to switch from launch mode to cruise, and the F5J announces the 10 seconds of altitude monitoring after the 30 second motor run. I should add functionality to make this a separate announcement after motor shutoff, in case you shut off early, but haven't done that yet.
    2. SB controls thermal, cruise and speed modes
    3. SC and SD activate standard left and right thermal turns. I originally wanted to be able to fly hands-off if the plane could be trimmed to do it, but it's turned out to be most useful as a confidence builder when flying far away. You know if you lose sight of the plane momentarily, it will continue to circle until you can see it again.
    4. SG is vario or altitude announcements
    5. SF sets a 2 minute landing drill timer
    6. SE sets the two pots to adjust global variables for aileron differential and snap flap. These come deactivated by default so you don't adjust those settings inadvertently. Handy when setting up a new plane or tweaking an old one.
    7. Camber is on the right slider
    8. Left pot is the volume control, except when SE repurposes it to adjust snap flaps
    9. Flaps and ailerons are adjusted using curves. Curves seem to play nicely with camber offsets.
    10. I've gone for lots of mixes with just a few high channels and global variables. Not right or wrong, just a matter of taste, but I like to put thing that should be set and forgotten into mixes, while things to play with more often go into curves and GVs.

    Using this as written, putting the motor on the left slider will act in a way that to me seems backwards. Away from you for off, towards you for on. Of course you can reverse the throttle or the weights, but having had one bad experience with reversed throttle in the past, I wanted to keep all values intuitive. So I swapped two wires in the pot's connector and now everything acts normally with positive weights. This is probably something to watch any time you put throttle on the left slider, not just in this template.

    Along with the template itself, there's a spreadsheet that documents the whole thing, and some custom sounds.


  • Taranis X9D(+), X9E download: Previous versions TD E-Glider 7229 Mb 2178
    Filename Version File size Changes
    TD E-Glider 1.0 7229 Mb
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.1
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X9D(+)
  • Author: TOM1968
  • E-mail or Website: TOM1968
  • License: GPL
  • Comments:
  • Throttle: Flaps
  • Ailerons: ail
  • Elevator: ele
  • Rudder: rud
  • LS: thr
  • RS: Camber
  • S1: Volume or snapflap adjust
  • S2: Aileron Differential
  • SA: Safety
  • SB: Thermal, Cruise and Speed
  • SC: left thermal turn
  • SD: right thermal turn
  • SE: activate pots for adjust snapflap and differential
  • SF: set 2 minute landing drill timer
  • SG: vario or altitude announcements
  • SH: start timer, short pull F5J, long pull ALES