• X-Lite HK Kinetic.
    Advanced Throttle cut, spoiler, flaps, timers, battery detection





  • Taranis X-Lite download: Previous versions xlite-13-06-22.otx 1.29 Kb 4560
    Filename Version File size Changes
    xlite-13-06-22.otx 1.5 1.29 Kb Added L37, L38 and L39

    These were added to give some up elevator during hand launch.
    L37 is linked to Timer3=0 (L07) with a duration of 10 seconds.
    10 seconds is a bit long, but this is done because you may not throw the plane immediately after the motor starts running.
    I can afford to do so because of L38
    L38 detects movement of the Elevator stick (|Ele| > 5) and that switch also has a duration of 10 seconds. L39 therefore means TRUE after hand launch until the elevator stick is touched or 10 seconds expires.

    I thought of a FM3, but decided to just add -6 in the mix.

    Be aware that this elevator up only happens on a hand launch using the timer!
    xlite-13-06-18.otx 1.4 1.27 Kb In v1.3 I added a 0.1s delay in L02 for the "reset altitude" which inadvertently broke the "hand launch". This has been fixed.
    The timer3 is now only being reset if it's less than 4 seconds. This has a delay of 4.3 seconds so this does not need to be done by any other event.

    The altitude is now constantly being reset anytime the barometer tells us the height is more than 1.5m whilst being in FM1.

    To prevent such a timing issue in the future I've added a duration to L07 of 0.1s to make sure that the event (timer3 = 0) comes through.

    The culprit of the broken launch was the reset of timer3 by L02. Because I later added a reset of timer3 by L16 (timer3 < 4s with 4.3s delay) that reset of L02 became obsolete. Those things happen when something is WiP.
    L16 became the catch-all and makes sure that timer3 is always reset to 4 seconds if it's not currently running.

    For the 3S LiPo warning I've added some logic to allow for some lower voltages during full throttle (L33 ch3 > 50). It will only warn if the voltage is lower than 10.7V (=3.56V per cell) at lower throttle it will warn you if the voltage is lower than 11.1V (=3.7V per cell).

    I've added a "Cell" based on the A2 input. It's basically the same as 3S, but it uses another ratio (4.4V) which is 1/3 of the 3S one and will give you the average of the cell's individual voltage. I will use that whenever I use a "Play Value". This means you don't have to calculate it yourself whilst flying.

    xlite-09-06-18.otx 1.3 1.24 Kb "reset altitude" was based on the wrong assumption of mine that it worked like "play track" or "play value" only reacting on the rise of a condition coming TRUE.
    It now seems the altitude is resetting constantly.
    I will now let it trigger on L02 which is the trigger for the L01 sticky.
    xlite-08-06-18.otx 1.2 1.24 Kb - Revised the "battery not fully charged" logic.
    It's now working as I intended.
    - Variometer telemetry was in double precision somehow.
    xlite-03-06-18.otx 1.1 1.23 Kb Changed some timings
    Added low battery alert
    Added altitude reading during zero-throttle
    Rediscovered sensors
    Kinetic.otx 1.0.0 1.14 Kb
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.2,2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X-Lite
  • notes: Previous versions Kinetic.txt 1.18 Kb 2267
    Filename Version File size Changes
    Kinetic.txt 1.4 1.18 Kb
  • Author: HRD
  • E-mail or Website:
  • License: GPL
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  • Throttle: Throttle
  • Ailerons: Ailerons
  • Elevator: Elevator
  • Rudder: Rudder
  • S1: Flaps
  • S2: Volume (Global)
  • SC: Rates
  • SD: Vario
  • Servo1: Aileron Left
  • Servo2: Elevator
  • Servo3: Throttle
  • Servo4: Rudder
  • Servo5: Aileron Right
  • GV1: Differential
  • GV2: Roll deflection
  • GV3: Spoiler deflection
  • GV4: Flaps (Maximum)
  • FM0: Normal
  • FM1: Safety
  • FM2: Spoilers