• Advanced Quadroflap glider programming with the following features:

    Combi Switch Selectable

    Combi Switch off during brake and speed mode

    Aileron differential

    Aileron differential off during brake

    Ailerons mixed to flaps

    Flaps differential

    Flap servos are moved from neutral position to allow more downwards travel

    Start/Landing mode selectable with switch

    Here, Motor and 2 different brake settings can be accessed with throttle stick

    Normal flight mode selectable with switch.

    Here, Normal, speed, and thermal mode can be accessed with throttle stick

    Individual elevator trims for all flight modes

    Beep when any flight mode besides "normal" is activated

    Continous beep when Start/Landing mode is activated, as the motor is armed here.

    Countdown timer as %Throttle on throttle channel

  • Taranis X9D(+), X9E download: Previous versions Arcus.bin 0.76 Kb 2096
    Filename Version File size Changes
    Arcus.bin 1.0 0.76 Kb
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.0
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X9D(+)
  • Author: Julez
  • E-mail or Website:
  • License: Other
  • Comments:
  • SA: Flightmodes in combi with throttle
  • Servo1: Ail R
  • Servo2: Elevator
  • Servo3: Throttle
  • Servo4: Rudder
  • Servo5: Flap R
  • Servo6: Flap L
  • Servo7: Ail L