Trainer/Student (Buddy Flying) Advanced Settings

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    we intend to offer more Buddy Flying in our club. So I did some research on existing methods and put some work in testing different settings for OpenTX (or EdgeTx). The result is a paper with three different types of settings.

    Whats new:

    They share in common that all settings (including calibration) are stored in the model definition (and not in the basic trainer settings of the radio)

    So it is very easy and fast to switch from one student radio to another and also to adapt to a new student radio.

    You do not touch the normal mixers of an existing model so no big risk of messing something up.

    90% of the programming is "copy and paste" from one model to the other.

    Using LUA:

    I've done some LUA scripts to do all the programming and settings.

    contends: creating logical switches, creating mixers, modify input sources

    There are also four scripts to calibrate the students sticks. (channel-mapping, weight and offset are written to mixer)

    Cause it's using "magic numbers" it does not work for every hardware.

    (at the moment: all radios with OpenTX and EdgeTX 2.6.0 or higher should work)

    There's also the bin file of a model and a script to make it easy to find out how to do for other radios.


    Please read "readme.txt" and "Trainer-Student-Engish.pdf" for details.

    I would appreciate every feedback or good idea (even it there is a problem I haven't thought of)


    Regards ChrisOHara

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    trainer 14 Hello
    After one complete season (2 trainers, 5 students, 5 planes) I've finally worked out my favorite version and have done a new lua script.
    It is a mix of two of the old versions.
    The control of rudders is switched from student to trainer when one of the sticks (ail, ele, rud) is moved.
    Control of throttle is handled separately. (Throttle for student when trainer stick is at minimum position.)
    There's also a simple way to switch throttle to trainer completely.
    And there's a lua script that writes a new lua script to save and recover the calibration of the student radio.
    So it's possible to cover different student radios and throttle ON/OFF with a single model.

    Please read "readme.txt" and "Trainer-Student-Shortversion-English 2023-10-08" for details.
    I appreciate every feedback or good idea (even if there is a problem I haven't thought of)

    Regards ChrisOHara 2 This new version of scripts has no new functionality.
    It was done for program optimization.

    It should run now on all Radios with OpenTX that are accessible in Companion 2.3.15.
    Additionally it should also run on all Radios with EdgeTX version 2.6.0 or higher. 1
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X-Lite,Taranis X7(S),Taranis X9D(+),Taranis X9E,Horus X10(S),Horus X12,Other,X-Lite S/Pro,X9-Lite
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