Multi Scripts

  • Multi Script is used to run more than one script in a single telemetry screen.

    The advantage is that you can select the displayed sub script using a switch.

    So with a small modification you could also use logical switches or global varibales 

    and therefore conditions like flightmodes.

    Multi Script is designed flexible about the amount of selectable scripts.

    Limitation is number of switch positions and of course system limitations.

    Thanks to JFrickmann

  • Taranis X-Lite download: Previous versions multSX.lua 2.92 Kb 687
    Filename Version File size Changes
    multSX.lua 1.0.0
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X-Lite,Taranis X7(S),Taranis X9D(+),Taranis X9E,X-Lite S/Pro,X9-Lite
  • License: GPL
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