Inputs and Mixers

    • This script is an example / template.

      It creates all inputs and mixers I use as a standard on my Taranis x9lite S. (for Trainer inputs/mixers and save engine start)

      While it will not work on all types of radios it is still a good start if you want to do something similar

        or if you have to use inputs and mixers in lua.

    • If you want to test it use companion or at least a copy of your model.
    • I also recommend to run the script modDef.lua first. (It will create logical switches that will be addressed by this script)
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.3
  • Device Compatibility: X9-Lite
  • notes: Previous versions InpMix.lua 7.90 Kb 789
    Filename Version File size Changes
    InpMix.lua version 1.
  • License: GPL
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