Messerschmitt 262


    The setup for this Freewing Me-262 has some special features

    • Power capping
    • Warning if battery is not fully charged on startup
    • Throttle steering
    • Aileron Reflex when landing

    Power Capping

    The power capping is implemented to limit the current somewhat on startup. An EDF takes a lot of current. Especially if the battery is still fresh. Most of this current is wasted energy as it's better to lengthen the take-off a bit. This relieves the battery of some extra stress and also lengthens the flight. It uses telemetry to detect a full battery and it will limit the throttle. Each second the motor is running it will increase the maximum throttle and that will compensate the depletion of the battery.

    Throttle Steering

    Using the rudder you influence the throttle in a way that you can steer this dual-EDF plane on the ground. Much care is taken that this function is disabled during flight, although that would be fun too (and dangerous). A curve is used to make sure it only happens on low throttle.

    Aileron reflex

    When using flaps it also deploys some reflex on the ailerons. This decreases tip-stall and also helps to slow down the plane and make it go down. This reflex is taken off whenever the throttle is high.

  • Horus X12S download: Previous versions Me-262.otx 1.79 Kb 2100
    Filename Version File size Changes
    Me-262.otx 1.0 1.79 Kb My Horus has a 3-position switch in the lower left corner that latches on 1 side and is momentary to the other side (ON)-OFF-ON
    It is connected as SB
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Horus X10(S),Horus X12
  • License: GPL
  • Comments: