• Log the first 8 channels to the Telemetry LOGfile.

    Put in /SCRIPTS/FUNCTIONS/ and creat a special function to call the script, with ON as switch assignement.

  • Taranis X9D(+), X9E download: Previous versions logchx.otx 0.76 Kb 1811
    Filename Version File size Changes
    logchx.otx 1.0 OTX file to test on companion OTX 2.3.5, taranis XD+

    Throttle is input for output 1-4
    LS is input for GV1
    GV1 is offset on CH2
    GV1 is min on CH3
    GV1 is max on CH4
    SAdown is Override CH1 30%

    CH5-CH8 are virtual sensors CH1-CH4 as source on inputs 5-8

    Have fun
  • Download: Previous versions logchx.lua 5.31 Kb 4714
    Filename Version File size Changes
    logchx.lua 1.7 Fixed the SF override channel
    Added Gvar settings on outputs

    Only Curves are missing. I do not intend to add that ever.
    logchx.lua 1.6 BUGSOLVE opentx
    logchx.lua 1.4 typo corrected
    logchx.lua 1.2 clearer help
    defaulted to outputs
    defaulted to no gVar result output
    logchx.lua 1.1 Output values instead of mixer values.
    logchx.lua 1.0
  • Firmware compatibility: 2.0,2.1,2.2,2.3
  • Device Compatibility: Taranis X-Lite,Taranis X7(S),Taranis X9D(+),Taranis X9E,Horus X10(S),Horus X12,Other,X-Lite S/Pro,X9-Lite
  • Author: l Shems
  • License: GPL
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